The all-in-one kiln monitoring system for improved operation and predictability

01 | Introduction

Scanex is KHD’s all-in-one system that offers 24/7 kiln monitoring

Optimizing your pyro process, reducing maintenance costs and preventing severe damages, or even production downtime!

Scanex combines camera and sensor data to a highly accurate and continuous kiln thermogram that identifies hot spots as small as one single refractory brick. On top of that, Scanex is easy to operate and comes with a variety of perks and helpful functions that make kiln monitoring straightforward and intuitive.

02 | Benefits

What Scanex has to offer

  • 24/7 kiln thermogram that allows accurate hot spot detection
  • Tyre slip measurement to prevent narrowing
  • Fan control to automatically cool the kiln when and where needed
  • Seamless integration into plant operation system
  • Rugged hardware for long service life
  • Quick and easy installation with no or only a very short downtime
  • Low investment cost, no operational cost
  • Intuitive and straightforward software handling
03 | Core Features

Detect the hot spot, avoid the shell melting.

The timely detection of one missing refractory brick can make the difference between a scheduled maintenance stop, and severe kiln damage with a long and costly production downtime!

KHD’s Scanex relies on infrared cameras with high instantaneous field of view (IFOV) resolutions that offer measuring point sizes below (100 mm)². That means the accuracy is high enough to identify even the smallest hot spots. And as these hot spots often almost always indicate worn or fallen out refractory bricks, Scanex enables timely refractory maintenance and thus, protects you from time-consuming and expensive damages.

Only a thorough thermogram
is a good thermogram.

Bulky equipment near the kiln, for example the tyres or cooling fans, can obstruct the direct line of sight of the infrared camera. This would lead to inaccurate data and an incomplete kiln thermogram. To avoid this Scanex has an included shadow monitoring feature, to make sure that your kiln monitoring has no blind spots!

If needed, Scanex can process data of up to eight shadow sensors that measure the kiln temperature in areas where the infrared cameras cannot „see“. The software then combines the camera and sensor data on the fly to one thorough and accurate thermogram that continuously covers the entire length and surface area of your kiln.

Make narrowing a problem of the past.

When kiln narrowing goes undetected it almost always ends with in severe damage, an unavoidable stop of production and significant financial losses.

Scanex helps to eliminate such a scenario once and for all. The included tyre slip module constantly monitors the slip between your kiln tyres and the kiln shell to detect even the smallest variations. This way you get an early warning long before narrowing can occur.

Cooling? Don’t sweat it!

The Scanex software is straightforward and intuitive. On top of that, it includes automatic functions that enable plant operators to focus on more pressing matters.

Based on presets and alarms that are fully customizable, Scanex controls up to 16 kiln cooling fans automatically to ensure that the kiln shell is cooled when and where needed.

A well-engineered solution.

Scanex has no limitations with regards to kiln size or length.

For larger kilns, the data of up to four infrared cameras is combined. In case of obstructions, up to eight shadow sensors offer additional information for a thorough thermogram.

All Scanex hardware has a rugged design that is unsusceptible to heat or dust to ensure that it works flawlessly in any plant environment. At the same time, this means long service life, no maintenance tasks and no operational cost! To make the installation a no-brainer, Scanex comes pre-tested and pre-wired with all necessary parts ready to go.

The Scanex software integrates flawlessly into your plant control system via OPC connection or works as standalone solution.

And with straightforward handling, intuitive automatic functions, useful presets and historical data, it offers alls the perks that you need to get the most from your kiln monitoring.

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